Our EP “Bait N’ Switch” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, and all other streaming platforms! Recorded at Imprint Studios in Thornton, Colorado in the Spring of 2018, it’s the little EP that could. We started working with Jon at Imprint just to do a quick and dirty demo that we could use to get gigs, we didn’t realize how great a job Jon would do on producing and honing our songs to, well, produce a great sounding example of our music! The basic tracks were laid down through Imprint’s Neve console to Pro Tools, recording the band live in the studio (just like in the bad ol’ days!) so the songs have a live feel that gives you a great example of what a Hookfish show is like.

Unfortunately, our merch box was stolen after a show a few months ago, and since we’re actively writing and recording new material, the physical copies of the EP are now collectors items! We may burn some new ones in the future, but our focus is on a full length recording with all new material. When it’s ready, we’ll announce it here!